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泰安和 新精工科技有限公司

2018-03-29 来源:上海美 轮美换汽车配件有限公司
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    泰安和 新精工科技有限公司位于山东省新泰市,五岳之 首雄伟的泰山脚下,是一家 专业生产售后市场高端铝合金轮毂的企业,拥有先进的设备工艺、一流的 研发能力和卓越的管理团队。产品涵盖了从12"至26"等各种 尺寸和从涂装至电镀等多种工艺,适用于轿车、SUV、越野车、皮卡等各种车型。
    Tai’an Hexin Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located at Xintai City of Shandong Province, at the foot of gorgeous Mount Tai - the first of the "Five Sacred Mountains" in China. As a professional manufacturer of after-market aluminum alloy wheels, Hexin Wheel is armed with advanced equipment and technology, outstanding R&D capability, and excellent management team. Our products cover all sizes from 12" to 26" and various finishes from painted to chrome plated, apply to all kinds of passenger cars, SUVs, off-road vehicles, and pickup trucks.

    企业概况 | Company Profile

    泰安和 新精工科技有限公司创建于2015年,目前占地面积3.8万平方米,厂房面积2.5万平方米,固定资产8千多万元,职工320人。2017年总计销售40万只轮毂,总产值2亿元。当前月产能5万件,主要设备有2台熔炼炉、6台重力铸造机、6台低压铸造机、1条热处理线、14台数控车床、15台加工中心和1条涂装线;同时正 在进行二期建设并将于2018年2月底投产,新增设备主要有1台铝屑熔炼炉、1台铝锭熔炼炉、1台静止保温炉、10台低压铸造机、1条热处理线、12台数控车床、12台加工中心和1条涂装线,投产后总月产能将达10万件。
    Tai’an Hexin Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015. The company has a land of 38,000 square meters, plant buildings of 25,000 square meters, fixed assets over RMB 80 million, and 320 employees. It sold 400,000 wheels in 2017, with the total sales revenue about RMB 200 million. Its current monthly capacity is 50,000 pcs, with the main equipment of 2 melting furnaces, 6 gravity casting machines, 6 low-pressure casting machines, 1 heat treatment line, 14 CNC lathes, 15 machining centers, and 1 painting line. It is now building the second-stage plant which will be accomplished and put into mass production by the end of February, 2018. With the new added main equipment of 1 aluminum chip melting furnace, 1 aluminum ingot melting furnace, 1 holding furnace, 10 low-pressure casting machines, 1 heat treatment line, 12 CNC lathes, 12 machining centers, and 1 painting line, the total capacity will be increased to 100,000 pieces.

    和新精 工对产品质量检测极为重视、视为生命。目前工厂已经通过了IATF16949质量体系认证,拥有光谱分析、X光探伤、三坐标测量、动平衡、端径跳、气密、金相试验、拉伸试验、冲击、弯曲、径向疲 劳等全套试验检测设备,以严谨的测试态度、严格的测试标准、严密的 测试频次确保产品质量稳定。目前产 品综合客诉率低于千分之五,客户满意度较高。
    Hexin Wheel takes quality as important as life. It has passed IATF16949 certification of Quality System. It is equipped with full set of testing devices such as spectrum analysis, X-ray, 3-cordinate, balancing, out-of-round, air leakage, metallographic, tensile, impact, cornering, radial fatigue testing, etc. With rigorous quality control attitude, strict testing standards, and tight testing frequencies, Hexin assures consistent quality and gains high customer satisfaction, with less than 0.5% of defective rate claimed by customers.

    泰安和 新精工科技有限公司隶属于上海美 轮美换汽车配件有限公司,是美国 最大的售后市场轮毂经销商Wheel Pros最大的 供应商和战略合作伙伴。
    Tai’an Hexin Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is owned by Shanghai Mirim Co., Ltd., and has become the largest supplier and a strategic partner of Wheel Pros, LLC., which is the largest after-market wheel distributor in the United States.

    公司文化 | Culture

    使 命 为客户、为供应商、为员工、为社会 不断的创造价值!
    Mission Continuously create values for customers, suppliers, employees, and society!

    愿 景 成长为 世界知名的售后市场高端铝合金轮毂生产商!
    Vision Become a well-known after-market aluminum wheel manufacturer in the world!

    价值观 以匠心,做精品!以诚信,求共赢!
    Value Make quality wheels with ingenuity! Achieve win-win with integrity!

    战 略 以人为本,不断创新!不断以 新产品新工艺满足市场需求!
    Strategy Focus on human resource development and technical innovation! Continuously meet market needs with new product and technology!

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